Kristel P


“David has helped me through some very difficult times in my personal and professional life.  He has a calming and stabilising effect which was very helpful in times of anguish.  He is a very able professional who adapts his approach to best address the issue at hand.  I have found him to be insightful, thought provoking and encouraging.  His counselling has enabled me to challenge negative thought patterns and develop a healthier mindset.  I have him to thank for being a stronger and much happier person.  I would unreservedly recommend his invaluable counselling”.

Phil S.C

I began working with David to help me initially overcome a major drug problem. I had been addicted to over the counter painkillers for 19 years and had tried every possible way of stopping to no avail. 

Through my weekly sessions with David we discovered that my addiction was deeply routed in my childhood due to periods of sexual and emotional abuse that I thought we not affecting me. 

David suggested that I also start attending 12 step meetings to help supplement the work we were doing.

David helped me to understand that whilst the issue of my past were not my fault, my actions, justification and behaviours based around them were my responsibility and they no longer had to have a bearing on my future. 

I had searched for answers to why I felt and behaved the way I did my entire life and I had used drugs and alcohol to cover that emptiness I felt on a daily basis. David helped me to understand that those answers we with me all along, I just had to know how to find them.

I now regularly attend AA and NA meetings As well as keep in regular contact with David.